• Can be laid on any substrate apart from concrete (g4 primer needed)
  • No backing boards needed (can be applied directly to plasterboard)
  • Pre formed trims for corners and joints.
  • 55 Ltr per minute high flow Macalpine waste.
  • Includes pre formed shower tray and linear drain (most other kits are bought separately costing between €150 – €400).
  • Includes tools unlike all other kits.
  • Entire system can be fitted in a day unlike others
  • It is completely water proof unlike others.
  • Produces a ready to tile finish (no further prep work once installed).
  • Comes with an adjustable foot to aid in fitting the waste (this is the only system with one).
  • It will come with full technical support.
  • The hardener and resin mix is a set ratio so no hardener chart required.
  • The shower tray can be cut to size required.
  • Can be applied on ground floor upwards.
  • Under floor heating can be used with the system but it MUST be an electric matting system.
  • There is no build up on the floor (no step into the bathroom unlike others).
  • Everything the customer needs will be in one kit unlike other systems where you have to buy add ons.
  • Most other kits cost €1000.00 Ours promises to be a fraction of that cost.
  • The biggest factor is cost. It will be a fraction of the cost of most commonly used products !
  • And it is Styrene free !  NO SMELL !


  • It will take 4hrs to cure before tiles can be applied.
  • The system is not compatible with wet floor heating on the 1st floor and upwards because of the undulating floor.