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ZINC Effect Trims


Simulated Zinc Standing Seam Trim (ER15)

A Cure It roof can provide the appearance and finish of a Zinc standing seam roof without the risk of theft and vandalism associated with metal systems. Our Simulated Zinc Standing Seam Trims provide a lightweight, seamless alternative to zinc which can be tailored to suit for flat or pitched roofs in a choice of colours. Read the ER15 Trim Datasheet for further details and application information.

Fibreglass flat roofs are generally not visible but when they are, sometimes they can look a bit boring, as if something is missing.

The Simulated Zinc Standing Seam Trim (ER15) can fix that. It might add a little extra time and cost to the job but that extra finish and attention to detail will be worth it. A notable benefit of the simulated trim opposed to real zinc is that real zinc actually deteriorates rapidly when placed on roofs close to the sea.

Height 35 x width 15. Total width 80 (all trims 3 metres long)


Cure it Evo.

System for warm roofs where NO OSB is required. NOW IN STOCK.

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Used to form the GRP laminate with the reinforcement mat.


Apply directly to Felt or Asphalt. No Need to Replace Roof.

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RoofCell Basecoat  20 kg (coverage 9m2) €180.00 (inc Vat)
Used to form the GRP laminate with the reinforcement mat.

RoofCell Topcoat – 10 kg (coverage 25m2) €123.00 (inc Vat)
Topcoat provides the finished colour and surface appearance.

Carriage not included.



Roof Repair and Maintenance Kit

Topflex Repair Coating

Topflex is an acrylic based coating which has been designed to provide an immediate and effective solution to leaks in almost any roof structure.

The compound is reinforced with fibres to bridge small gaps and cracks and will adhere almost any properly prepared surface with most surfaces without requiring any primer beforehand.

Topflex can even be applied under water for quick repairs.

  • Ideal Product for emergency roof repairs when adverse weather conditions make it impossible to apply other coatings.
  • All Weather Application and Protection.
  • Ready to Apply and Effective Instantly.
  • Adheres to almost every surface, Including Felt, Asphalt, Metal, Asbestos, Tile & Slate, Metal, Brick and Plastic.
  • Fibre reinforced to bridge and Seal small gaps and cracks.
  • Solar Reflective.
  • Easy to use single Coat System.

Carriage not included.