Free Online Training ZOOM Courses

Our training courses in 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Covid and it looks as if this year is also a complete write off. It’s a pity because we are inundated with requests from people wishing to attend courses. In the meantime, to help out, Cure It have organised online training courses. You won’t get a Cert for attending but hopefully they should help.

Training Courses on Fibreglass Installation in Dublin and Cork

  • The last training courses in Dublin Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March last were cancelled due to the Corona Virus.
  • The last training courses in Cork Wednesday 1st April. Thurs 2nd April and Fri 3rd April 2020 last were cancelled due to the Corona Virus.
  • Future courses have yet to be organised. Please leave contact details including your email address if interested.
  • Training Courses on Fibreglass installation. Learn how to lay a fibreglass flat roof using specially formulated Cure it GRP roofing resins and topcoats with hands-on training from the UK’s leading experts.
  • Cure it offers a one day training course designed to provide you with the basics you need to start using the CURE IT product range

Training course includes

  • Theory session, practical demo and hands on training under the supervision of the UK’s leading experts in GRP roofing.
  • Small group sessions for individual feedback.
  • All practical basics covered including estimating, decking, edge detail, bandaging, laminating & top coating.
  • Handling, storage and health safety information.
  • Also on view will be a new warm roof system doing away with the need for OSB over the Kingspan insulation. A new primer is applied to the insulation allowing the application of fibreglass directly to the insulation.
  • A new tanking system (soon to be released) with odourless resin for showers & bathrooms etc will be discussed.


  • The cost is €280 per person with a €100 deposit up front to secure your place.
  • Group Discounts. €25 per extra person. €50 discount for groups of two, €75 for 3, €100 for 4 etc.
  • 10% discount on all purchases on the day up to a maximum of €2,800

Training is required for the product to comply with LABC registered detail certification and for any Cure it guarantees to take effect.