Product Overview

The Cure It roofing system is a complete range of GRP materials designed for roofing applications. The system is a wet-laid laminate (consisting of Reinforcement Mat saturated with Roofing Resin) applied over a securely fitted OSB3 18mm T&G deck. The perimeter of the roof and any changes in pitch are resolved with a range of GRP Edge Trims. The roof is finished with a hard wearing Roofing Topcoat.

        A typical Cure It build-up:

    1.   OSB3 18mm Decking Boards (T&G 2400mm x 600mm recommended. Note: Print Side facing up)

    2.   A200 (Facia Trim) used for gutter/drip edge/facia. (A250 for warm roof)

    3.   B260 (Raised Edge) Trim used to form upstands. (B300 for warm roof)

    4 .  D260 (Fillet Trim) used against abutting walls with C100 Flashing

    5.   C100 (Flashing Trim) simulated lead flashing for use with D260

    6.   C1 (Universal Corner) for use with A200 and B260 profiles to form left or right hand corner. (or A250 & B300)

    7.   AT195 Ext (External angle trim shown. Internal AT195 also available for step details, cover flashings etc.

    8.   F300 (Flat Flashing) Flat sheet for use as continuous flashing under slates at a roof junction. Can also be used as a gutter lining.

    9.  C3 INT/EXT (Fillet Corner) for use with D260 profile to form internal or external corner.

   10.  GRP Laminate consisting of Cure-it Roofing resin and Cure-it reinforcement mat.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              11.  Cure-it topcoat

How to Install Cure It

Training is recommended before using the Cure It system.
The Cure it one day training course is available from our dedicated training facilities in Cork and our new, soon to be opened, premises in Dublin. The course provides the basic training required to start using the Cure It system and features:

  • Theory and practical sessions, including hands-on training under the supervision of the leading experts on GRP roofing
  • Small group sessions for individual feedback
  • Handling, storage and health and safety information
  • Guidance for specific projects

Please fill out the contact form below, go to our training page or call us for dates and availability on 021-4322145.

Training is required for the product to comply with LABC registered detail certification and for any Cure it guarantees to take effect.