100m2 Roofcell Kit

Included in Kit.

240kg Roofcell Basecoat, 40kg Roofcell Topcoat, 12kg Hardener, 33 Kgs (Weight 450gm/m2) 66m2, 16.5kgs CSM (33M2), 2 x Roll of Bandage, Roll of Detail Tissue,1 x 3″ Paddle Roller, 2 x 6″ Paddle Roller, 2 x 3″ Application Rollers, 2 x 6″ Application Rollers, 4 x 3″ Sleeves, 8 x 6″ Sleeves, 3 x 2″ Brushes, 3 x 3″ Brushes, 1 x Hardener Dispenser, 5 x Mixing Buckets, 10Lt Acetone, 2 x Boxes of Disposable Gloves, 7 x PU Trim Adhesive.

(Note: Quantities shown above are for materials needed for a Smooth Felt, Asphalt or Bitumen roof. Prices & quantities vary a little for Rough Felt, Concrete or Grp etc. Concrete primer is needed and included in the kit where the Roofcell is placed on concrete.)

Not included in Kit

All necessary trims. Extension poles, Swivel Sanding Head and OSB3 for under fibreglass.